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The Koi Story

In the beginning, we come upon the koi, singing at the top of their gills in “Koi Choir.” We see them working together in “Koioperation.” They cuddle, they have “Hugs and Koi Kisses.” They are very close.

They begin to have “Secrets.” They start “Telling Tales.” They separate, they form groups, develop social traditions in “Guys Cruisin.” They become aggressive in “Chasing Tail.”

They fall from the innocence of their earlier days in “Koifall.” There is a “Scattering of Koi.” The social system is destroyed. They find themselves in a terrifying yet creative place of broken and lost form in “Big Bang, Wet Paint.” With disintegration, will they create new life or disappear into the black hole?

Who is to say which is better? Out of the void, the koi find a “Clear Channel.” They gather to reconnoiter in “Koi Confluence.” Here comes a thought in “Space for 2 Tails.” They must allow swimming in both directions. Have they found a route for tolerance that will allow their survival in “Yin Yang Koi”?

This, for now, is the “Tale End.”